George Kenyatta Muumbo

George Kenyatta Muumbo

Excellence in Leadership is not new to 38 year-old, Kenyan Presidential Candidate,

Mr. George Kenyatta Muumbo.  Mr. Muumbo has held various leadership positions throughout his early childhood to-date!   For his 8-4-4 curriculum experience in Kenya Schools, Mr. Muumbo attended: Peponi Kindergarten, Highridge Primary School, Parklands High School, and finally Kitui High School aka Campbell Academy.

Mr. Muumbo takes great pride in advocating for efficiency and effectiveness in government through excellence in leadership, what he calls ‘the One Thing’ that will fix several of Kenya’s evasive but known problems, once and for all.  “We must have good leaders (of impeccable integrity) in both the Executive arm of government and in parliament beginning 2012,” says Mr. Muumbo. Currently a fully-fledged Political Scientist, Mr. Muumbo is also Paralegal professional, having worked at various prestigious Law Firms and legal-research houses in the USA.  Notwithstanding his busy schedule, Mr. Muumbo still finds time to outreach his skill-set as a paralegal, pro bono!  In the community, Mr. Muumbo serves as a volunteer community services advocate, performing services such as civic awareness, feeding the hungry and homeless citizens, mentoring children from historically underprivileged and underserved neighborhoods, among other causes.

Mr. Muumbo has been very active in the political scene, campaigning in the USA, for political heavyweights such as Rep. Artur Davis (during his campaign to become Alabama’s 1st African American Governor).  Likewise, Mr. Muumbo has been active in the following political campaigns: Congressman Parker Lewis, 5th Congressional District, Alabama; Senator’s Jeff Enfinger, and Steve Raby for Congress, 2010; Obama 2012 Campaign, among others.

Mr. Muumbo is an accomplished Political Scientist whose main mission this forthcoming Presidential and General Election is, “To help inject Integrity, Leadership and Excellence in Government for the benefit of generations of our children, and our beloved Kenya in the years to come.”  Adds Mr. Muumbo, “Our platform and methodology for winning Kenya’s future is simple; investing in education, and promoting an atmosphere capable of breeding innovation–that will spur improvements in our capabilities–and our capacity as a nation, to compete favorably, in this very interconnected, interdependent, global economy.  This is a sure way of developing our human capital potential and building our beloved nation, Kenya, away from; tribalism, hatred, discrimination, corruption, poverty, hunger, disease, famine, poor sanitation and healthcare, rural underdevelopment, perpetual economic stagnation, greed, senseless political in-fighting, high unemployment and outrageous cost of living, etc.

Notwithstanding equality, fairness, selflessness, loyalty, devotion to duty, among other noble ethos, one of the defining core-competencies and cutting edge traits that Mr. Muumbo would like to bring into State House, Nairobi, is his military experience.  In his opinion, this (Military Experience) is a quality lacking in many of the Presidential Candidates lining up to vie to become the 4th Commander-IN-Chief of Kenya’s Defense Forces.  There are issues that will warrant subject matter knowledge, by any candidate in issues ranging from aligning (global) political hegemonies, to the exponential rise in global terrorism, and of course, the current War on al Shabaab in Kenya and Somalia.  In short, “A President must be able to comprehend military movement, strategy, and parlance as this is a characteristic truly resplendent my candidature,” concludes Mr. Muumbo.  In short, “the ARMY refined for the best, my various skill-sets in every positive-imaginable capacity,” he adds.

Mr. Muumbo has held various capacities in Leadership at the executive level, having served as: Staff Officer, Alabama A&M University Corporate and Education Round Table; Information Officer/ Webmaster,  the School of Arts and Sciences, Alabama A&M University; Battalion S5, Public Affairs Officer (PAO), 9th BDE, U. S. ARMY, and so on and so forth.  Mr. Muumbo is an ardent literature publisher, writer and reviewer, among other capabilities.
Leadership is about three things; discipline! discipline! discipline!  In short, says Mr. Muumbo, “I owe much of my life to the discipline instilled in me by my teachers, mentors and yes, my parents both of whom were members of the Disciplined Services in Kenya.   In conclusion, adds Muumbo, “It is at such a time as this in Kenya, that Kenyan leaders must embrace discipline in handling the affairs of Kenyans and Kenya.”  Mr. Muumbo, the father to one daughter, Sarah, is a firm believer in God, and attributes his successes to the Grace of his creator.

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