Alice Mbodze Maitha


Born in Mombasa in 18th/10/1964 to Joseph Shehe Mwahanga (father) and Christine Mose (mother). Married to Late Minister Hon. Karisa Maitha and were blessed with 3 girls aged between 6 to 14 years old.
I went to Kizurini Primary School for my primary education in 1972 to 1980, then went to Ribe High School in 1981 to 1984 for O Level. There after joined Coast College of Commerce in Mombasa in 1986 for Secretarial Course and majored in copy typing and book keeping, joined Malindi Computer College in 2000 for Certificate in Computer course, Mombasa Ideal Community College in 2001 – 2004 respectively for Diploma and Higher Diploma in Project Management for Community Development Studies.


I attended the following trainings from the year 2005 to 2012 organized and certificates. Award by:-

  • UNDP / Ministry of Trade
  • Export promotion Council/Jica
  • Kenya Institute of Administration
  • Center for cooperate governance under prime ministers office.
  • Business and Enterpreneurship skills organized by JKUAT.
  • Women in Leadership by African Renaissance Centre from Switzerland.

Capacity Development Seminars without credentials.

  • I attended workshops, seminars and conferences in policy formulation and implementation, good governance and resources mobilization in Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa, Israel, Rwanda, Great Britain, Seychelles, Arusha, India, USA, France and China.
  • I visited Malaysia, Sri-lanka and Philippines for coconut development studies in the year 2008 to 2009 respectively. Please note that each study outside took approximately 2 weeks on a crash programme for both locally and internationally organized.
  • Networking and Collaboration meetings, missions and tours
  • I attended 10 sensitization and awareness creation meetings both locally and internationally: i.e. went to Eastern, Western, Central Provinces each taking a week long comprised of senior government, international dignitaries. Besides, was appointed as International election observer for civic campaigns representing conservative party in East Bourne borough in great Britain in 2003 May.
  • I am a member of East Africa sister city international since 2010 and Seattle Mombasa Sister City Association, Washington DC (USA), Interegion Economic Networks (IREN) (whole African body concerned with boosting African countries economies) since 2011.


> I worked with Rajabali Associates (auditing farm, also did an in house book keeping training from 1992 – 2000, Appointed as Director – Board member for Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotels in 2003 – 2007, Director – Board Member for Kenya Coconut Development Authority (KCDA) from 2007 to 2012 September. When I voluntarily resigned to pursue a political career in Mombasa County for the 2013 general elections.

> I am CEO – Founder member of Palm International, NGO registered in 2000 (agriculture oriented whose aim is to “develop by commercializing coconut and coconut by products to realize its full potential as a cash crop).

> I created employment opportunities in Seychelles for 1,000 Kenyan ladies from the year 2000 to 2004 of whom some still work to date in Seychelles.

> I have organized and trained local women groups, youth groups i.e. beach operators, Mwakirunge environmental groups, Coastal coconut farmers and traders in quality leadership, policy formation and implementation for development and value addition on coconut production

> In the year 2005, I actively participated in the enactment of the coconut act (bill/policy) that established KCDA (Kenya Coconut Development Authority – A government parastatals) which is empowered to establish and regulate the operations of  the coconut industry.

> Initiated and implemented HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria programmes, Nutritional activities for mothers and their children in Kisauni District of Mombasa County in the year January 2005 – June 2009 – funded by NACC, AMKENI.

> Initiated community health project, comprising of maternity facility refurshment for pregnant mother and dental clinic for rural urban children and the poor community members of Utange. This project was funded by seattle Mombasa sister city through AUPAP (African urban poverty alleviation program) in the year 2010 – 2012 November.

> Initiated project for rehabilitation of Shanzu good hope children’s home funded by seatle Mombasa Sister city through AUPAP from June 2012 – November 2012, which includes rehabilitating of the main dormitory and classrooms, toilet facilities, construction of a new kitchen.

Party: UDF

Recent Position:

Position to Contest: Senator

County: Mombasa



First and foremost, this is an abstract representation of my political manifesto for Mombasa County in the Republic of Kenya. Mombasa has a unique opportunity to create a stable, transparent and participatory sustainable democracy that meets modern standards. The Mombasa county will need progressive politics focused on issues of national interest. It is time to choose a leader who will take you to the next level by working on the following priorities:

> To ensure there is equitable distribution of clean water for consumption and sanitation for the poor mothers and children of the rural Mombasa county.

> To establish and sustain health initiatives for urban rural poor mothers and children who can not afford decent health care.

> To eradicate poverty for the coastal local farmers through empowered research for improved quality coconut and other cash crops to conquer local and international market.

> To recognize and legitimize land ownership in Mombasa by provision of title deeds to genuine Land owners.

> To Twin with international organizations in boosting industrial and economical activities in Mombasa County for job creation and improved standards of living.
> Youth Empowerment and Participation.

> Corruption and Governance.

> Health.

> Education and training.

> Crime and Drugs.

> Leisure, recreation, and community service.

> Information and Communication Technology.

> Environment Conservation.

If elected Senator, Alice Mbodze Maitha intends to contribute towards making Mombasa County the envy of all Counties. With her qualifications, proven leadership, track record of attracting investments and your support, there is no doubt that her vision for Mombasa County and Kenya will become a reality.

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